Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney..

 The color and the flavor of the tomato chutney is too hard to resist. The tanginess of tomato and the distinctively sharp flavor of black pepper  is a superb combination and the tomato chutney is often...


Kappa/Tapioca Aviyal

Kappa avial

Kappa/Tapoica is  widely grown in Kerala. Kappa aviyal is one of the famous delicacies made of Kappa in Kerala. It’s availability through out the season and the cost factor makes it a every-day dish...


Ash Gourd/Kumbalam Juice


Ash gourd/Kumbalam also known as white gourd and winter melon. It’s a creeper and produces oval fruits. When it matures it will have a waxy-white coating on it, which eventually increases the shelf-life of...


Semiya/Vermicelli Upma


Semiya Upma- this wonderful dish is made of Vermicelli (Semiya) , vegetables and with a mild South Indian tempering. Preferable to use the thin vermicelli for better results. This can be served as a evening...


Chicken Biryani


 Chicken Biryani -Trivandrum style.. it’s always difficult to choose the favorite biryani for someone as there are so many varieties to choose from- Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, and depending on the cooking style too there...


Potato Curry


  Potato curry is so versatile that it could be paired with bread, rice or even breakfast dishes. Potato curry and Dosa is a very popular combo in Southern part of Kerala. Dosa and...


Gooseberry Jam/Nellikka Jam

Gooseberry jam

Making Gooseberry jam is a bit time consuming, but it’s  time worth being spent on it. Lot of people don’t really like the bitter-sour taste of this fruit, but it’s after-sweet taste is really...


Traditional Tomato-Onion Raita

Tomato Onion raita

  Tomato-Onion Raita.. Most of the Indian families enjoy a variety of raitas. The most famous amongst all is the Tomato-Onion raita. A classical accompaniment for all types Biryani’s and is also eaten with...


Paneer-Potato Curry

Paneer-Potato Curry..

Paneer- Cottage cheese, is popular in both urban and rural parts of India. A variety of delicacies are made in India with Paneer. Paneer is a  perfect healthier vegetarian option.  Paneer is made from adding...


Spinach Thoran/Cheera Thoran

Cheera Thoran

Spinach/Cheera is grown in most of the South Indian states, especially in Kerala. In some parts of Kerala, Spinach/Cheera  is cultivated commercially.   Cheera can be grown without much care, thus cheera is seen growing in...